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Assist with Test and Balance

Duct leak testing is another specialty service provided by HLI when called for in the specifications.

Ductwork installed as part of HVAC systems needs to be sufficiently airtight to aid in the efficient operation of HVAC systems. Most local building codes include a requirement that ducts be installed and inspected to be reasonably airtight.

A leak detective test kit is used to perform allowable duct leakage calculations based on SMACNA “Seal Class” and “Leak Class” Standards. With proper installation, sealing of each joint and proper observation, there can be duct leakage of less than 1 percent of the total system cfm. This is based upon the duct construction and pressure classification of the installed system. Air tight HVAC duct systems can generally be achieved by selecting a static pressure duct construction class suitable for the actual system operating static pressure and by properly specifying sealing procedures for the duct systems.

Should there be a test and balance company assigned to a project; we work closely with them to provide assistance and information for their witnessing and certification processes.

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